How to clear History Content in a Group Chat?


we are using OpenFire (3.10.2) only with the Group Chat functionality. We save the conversations, thats ok, but how can i clear a chat room discussion,

because i need a new start, only for better clear view? Is it possible, to do this as Administrator for all members in a group?

Thats should work independent from the Chat-Client.

Until now it works only with a restart from the OpenFire service.

Sorry for my bad english,

Thanks in advance


There is a ticket for this [OF-694] Openfire shouldn’t show history messages in MUC which were previously set to show - Jive Software Open Source

But as it is not implemented/fixed, the only option you have is to restart a server (as you don’t have History logging enabled for your rooms, otherwise the history would be showing even after a restart) or deleting and re-creating the room again (and adding all the permissions again).

Okay, thank you for your answer.