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How to clear the muc log


I’'d like to know if it is possible to clear the muc log from the admin interface? Even better, is it possible to configure it to be purged automatically after some period (some kind of log message expiration time).



Hey Matthias,

Are you referring to the mucConversationLog table in the database? Wildfire does not provide any maintenance logic for database information. That means that that table will keep growing and growing. Some companies may have different archiving policies. You can execute some SQL statements to truncate the table or delete all entries. Some databases may allow you to partition the table and store all entries in specific hard drives. Anyway, Wildfire is only writing to that table so deleting content from it does not require the server to be restarted.


– Gato

ok, thanks. I’'ll just clear the table then.


mm, update

it seems that clearing the mucConversationLog table does not help. When a new user joins the chat room after the clear, he still gets the full 200 lines history (from cache?). Even if I disable the muc history in the section “Group Chat History Settings” and enable it again, the history is still there…

any tips? (besides restarting the server )