How to combine multiple Active Directory Domains using MS ADAM

You can use ADAM to combine your AD domains (realms) so that you only need one Openfire server. This is in reference to

An Update to this. (JUNE 2012)

ADAM by default does not allow plaintext binds over 389. You need to configure your server with an SSL cert and use port 636.

If you are just in a sandbox environment you can turnoff the no plaintext over 389 by making the following settings under msDS-Other-Settings in your ADAM Configuration using ADAM-ADSI Edit:



Just be away though that all passwords are now flowing plaintext and are subject to sniffing.

Hi Winter,

The download link is empty…Can you repost the doc?


I would second Cesar’s request. This would be a very valuable document, and I’ve struggled quite a bit in the past couple days trying to do it from other sources.



Hello there. I’ve implemented AD LDS (ex ADAM) on a Windows Server 2012 R2 joining several domains with a bi directional trust. I wrote a step by step tutorial with screenshots here: Instalación y configuración de AD LDS para ser utilizado con Openfire - Tutoriales y Guías de TI

It is written in Spanish but You are smart guys… You’ll figure it out.