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How to config to use the openfire server as socks5 proxy?


I have set up a network environment using three pcs.Their IP are respectively,,,and the158 is openfire server(Ubuntu 10.10,openfire 3.7.1),the others are spark clinets C1 and C2(win 7, spark 2.6.3).

When C1 was transfering a file to C2, they were using “Socks 5 Bytestream”, and connected directly, there was no packages via the server;

When I set a firewall on client C1 to prohibit packages of C2(from 159 and to 159). They used IBB to transfer. And I’ve checked ports on C2 and Server,found they have established connection on 7777, the server was listening on 7777, however the connection on port 7777 between Server and C1 was “Time out”.

I opened Debug Mode of Spark and got the error message: (just like http://community.igniterealtime.org/thread/44600)

Could not establish socket with any provided host

So I want to know what’s the problem? And how to config the openfire or spark to use the server as the Socks5 Proxy StreamHost?


I have set the following properties of openfire as follows:

xmpp.proxy.transfer.required false

xmpp.auth.anonymous true

xmpp.domain domain1.com (my server name is “domain1.com”)

xmpp.proxy.enabled true

xmpp.proxy.externalip proxy.domain1.com

xmpp.proxy.port 7777

xmpp.server.socket.active true

xmpp.session.conflict-limit 0

xmpp.socket.ssl.active true

Thanks for your patience. Could anyone give any advice? Thank you .

I know this is a very long time ago. I have the same issue. Can you help me please?