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How To Configure Local Stun Server in Openfire?

Hi all I am having trouble to configure in built STUN server of Openfire 3.4.1. I have gone through some resources available in this site,but i still couldn’t solve it. Although external stun server confign (like stun.xten.net) works only in the absence of any firewall. I am testing it with smack 3.0.2 demo application.

It works in the following scenarios :

**1.**when i cofigure an external stun server in openfire and my openfire3.4.1 is on a public ip and client 1 is on the same machine in which Openfire is installed (outside firewall) but client 2 is on a different LAN without any firewall. Although it works i am always getting stunserviceAvailable=false.

**2.**It works when both the smack demo clients are on differenet LAN (but without firewall) and Openfire on public ip.

It is not Working:

1.When Openfire is on a public ip (with external STUN server configured) and two smack demo clients are on two different LANs and any one or both of the clients are behind firewall. Here stun is failing. Geting messages like negotiation closed and state is Pending. Candidate ip’s are not evaluated.

My guess is external stun is partialy working and solving only selective NATs but not firewall issue…but STUN along with ICE is supposed to solve all kinds of NAT and firewall. Please advice how to solve it and how to configure local stun oin openfire.

Hi , @swapan

Can you tell me how you can make the smack demo clients (but without firewall) work when they are on differenet LAN ?

Why I can’t make it work? I also made the openfire have 2 public ip.

How do you config

Thank you very much!

Who can pass me some infomation about Stun Server and its functions?



Hi ,

May be I could pass you some information about STUN Server .

but I don’t know how to config it.

If you want , you can send E-mail to lulubaiyu@163.com to tell me want you need.

Best regards!