How to configure multiple AD domains

I have been running openfire on one domain in our Acitve Directory. Another domain wants to participate now. What is the best way to bring in the other domain. Do I create another server for the other domain and implement s2s, If so, how does users from one domain search for users in the other domain? Or can this be done on one openfire server? If so, how? I couldn’t find a straightforward answer for this in the forum or in the documents.

There is no and probably won’t be a multi domain support. So, multiple servers and s2s is the way to go. Search should work. Don’ know for sure, but maybe you will have to add a search service from another server in your client.

Thanks for the advice. I have now created the second server and users from each domain are able to chat with each other, but they can’t search for someone in the other domain - they can only add the contact explicitly, ie. they have to already know the JID of the user in the other domain. What does it mean to “add a search service”? Is that done in the Spark client or on the server side?

In Spark search for someone. It will show a Search window. There you should see a Search service field, which will show search.your_server and there is Add Service button next to it. Press it and try adding search.other_server. Theoretically you should be able to search for users from other server then.