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How to configure pop3 auth


I am using hosted mail server. I wish to integrate openfire for mail server users. thus most suitable option is to use pop3 auth.

referring http://www.igniterealtime.org/builds/openfire/docs/latest/documentation/javadoc/ org/jivesoftware/openfire/auth/POP3AuthProvider.html

I have changed provider.auth.className & provider.user.className using openfire admin. Also have entered valid pop3.host, pop3.domain, pop3.authRequiresDomain.

after making above changes I am unable to login users using pop3 accounts. also admin login does not work.

kindly guide me to configure pop3 auth.





Thanks for sharing this info with the community

in 3.7.1 the problem is, that the authenticate method is called with a user name already without “@”.

and in this case the method simply rejects the user.

from POP3AuthProvider.java:

public void authenticate(String username, String password) throws UnauthorizedException {

// this shows the user name:

System.err.println(“POP3AuthProvider.authenticate: user=” + username + " password=" + password);

if (username == null || password == null) {

throw new UnauthorizedException();


if (username.contains("@")) {


} else {

// Unknown domain. Return authentication failed.

//throw new UnauthorizedException();


Really, the problem is on the authenticate method.

It´s still not working on 3.8.2.

so, now we can use openfire as email of server??

what version of openfire?which can be used for email of server??

I’ve already answered on another thread. Openfire is not an email server.