How to configure sparkweb for security


i have recently installed openfire and sparkweb for my company, but our security team didn’t like that sparkweb let everything goes in clear text (authentication and conversations), so i followed the guide to make sparkweb use http-binding over port 7443 ( but i couldn’t get users authenticate.

here is my config:

function jive_sparkweb_getConfig() { return { server: "Chat", connectionType: "https", bindPath: "/http-bind/", port: "7443", autoLogin: "false", policyFileURL: "xmlsocket://``Chat``:5229" };

can anyone help ? i tried Openfire 3.6.4 and 3.7.


I had the same issue when using IE. After digging around I found out you need to have a valid signed certificate (not self-signed) for SSL to work correctly. Also, make sure the site hosting the sparkweb flash object is also HTTPS. Hope this helps.