How to configure Stun in openfire server?

I have installed the Openfire Server.I am using the jingle code provided here. Its throwing exception saying :

ICMP Port Unreachable.




iceNegociator.gatherCandidateAddresses();//exception is thrown here…Its related to Stun



My Openfire Server is running on other PC and client on another.I am trying to connect from client to Openfire.

PortUnreacheable is sue to some Stun Server Issue.

I read in blogs we need 2 public IP and add with port no. to stun server.

I don’t have public IP’s , So is it possible to run the Stun on openfire Server with private IP??

Can anyone guide me how to use this Stun server through Openfire Server.

Exception is thrown in in the funtion ****************

funtion name is

public void initialize()