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How to configure the FastPath WebChat


I just downloaded this aswsome OpenFire Server and install was as sweet as it can get. Once i installed now i want to configure the FastPath/OpenChat. The intention is to deploy the webchat helpdesk to my call center.

Now i went in the Plugin and first install the FastPath i re-boot the server and i got the fast path in to menu.

Second i install the Fastpath Webchat 2.1 MB compoent and looks like it downloaded and installed. i again re-boot the server and then try to access the server with both paths

http://localhost:9090/webchat and http://localhost:7070/webchat both says


Problem accessing /webchat. Reason:

Not Found

So i am stuck here. please show me light to get me out of this dark.


Ok i solved the problem there is some problem with WebChat component being installed from within the OpenFire plugin i found a post (don’t remember now) that includes a link to a webchat.war file that i downloaded and installed. it all went smoothly

What did you download and install ? Thanks!