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How to configure to send file using spark openfire


I am new to Spark and OpenFire. I would like to know where i can configure to send files using spark and where i can turn the option to send files off also. So i can control either users send file or not. If possible i would like to know also if when i let users send file if i can limit the file transfer size.

Please help me someone, i really need it and dont know how to do it.

Thanks for the attention


There isn’t an option to allow a particular user the ability to send files or not. It is across the board


i realize that, but how do i turn “file transfer” on and off all across the board. Even if it is not for a particular user and it is for all the users. The question is where do i make it possible to transfer files and where do i make it not possible to transfer files. Not for a particular user, but for all the users.

thanks though


This isn’t possible on the current version of Openfire. To enable such a feature, your best bet would be write a plugin that traps the requests for a file transfer and then blocks it from reaching the client. I’ve found a plugin that might work for you, but it is non-configurable and is a beta version. http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins-beta.jsp

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