How to configure WebMessenger for Blackberry

I have searched the forums, and not seen any detailed info. I hope someone can help me. We are using Openfire 3.5.1. I am trying to connect to our openfire server with a trial of the jabber version for Webmessenger on a Blackberry 8330. I am not sure of the connection settings though. Our server is setup to allow (but not require) encryption, and all Spark clients connect on port 5222. I have enabled SSO for Spark, and all users login with their Windows username. Server to Server connections are enabled for all as well. We are running a BES server for our Blackberries. the MDS settings are all default.

Do we need to do any configuration on the BES server to allow connections back to the Openfire server? What configuration needs to be made on Openfire? What syntax is needed in Web Messanger on the Blackberry to get the client to connect via MDS?

username: have tried windows username as well as jabber id.

host: have tried netbios hostname and Fully-Qualified-Domain-Name

Protocol: have tries both Socket on prot 5222 and SSL on port 5223

I have seen posts from 2006 that seem to show others have gotten this working. Please Help!