How to connect 2 different organizations to one server

I am new to Wildfire. Just installed it for two different organizations and its working great. I just have one question. What do I have to do to connect 2 organizations with different domains behind the same firewall, one with IP scheme eg.10.2.0.* and other with 10.0.0.*. I just want employees of both to be able to chat with each other internally. Both are 2003 domains and are in the same building on different floors. They are both on different vlans. Besides opening the appriopriate port what do I need to do? Any help would be greately appreciated.


make sure that the servers can resolve the domain name of the other server, it should be fine if you modify the C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file and add the IP / dns name there.

To test the connection try “telnet otherserver 5269” - if this runs fine on both servers then the connection should be automatically created as soon as a user of server1 wants to chat with a user of server2.


I altered the host file and the telnet seems to work on both machines. I dont get any refused connection errors. However, in spark how would I find a user on server2 from server1 when I only see the local rosters. There is an option to search but it only searches the local database. If I try to add a search service on server1 called search.server2 it tells me its unable to contact the search service. If I try to add a contact it asks me for a jabber id which my users dont have. Do I need to do something in the admin console of Wildfire, like server to server?

Thanks a lot for the help. It seems like I am half way there to make it work.


Spark should support to add “” as a search service and use it. You don’‘t need to add “” or “” as Wildfire will use “” if it can’'t resolve the subdomain.

What happens if you select Actions, Start a conference and add "" ?

You should either be able to chat or see exceptions in the error log of Wildfire.


It works now…thanks for the help.