How to connect 2 openfire servers?

Cant figure out how to initiate a openfire server to openfire server connection? Any help would be appreciated.

It’s all ‘automagical’ you need to set up your dns with xmpp-server and xmpp-client records (like you mail record) that port at the openfire servers for each domain. Port numbers are required. These records are how the openfire server on one domain finds the server on another domain.

Is this a form of redundancy? We’re looking for a work around until someone releases a new clustering plugin.


there is a server 2 server cook book available her:

With repsect to a fail over setup, we are using Linux and the build in firewall IPTABLES. In case of a openfire server failure, we redirect the traffic via NAT to a hot stand by machine.Switch over time for that is less than 5 minutes. The concurrent user base on our server is currently 600-700 users.

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