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How to connect 2 servers on AD

No, it’s not usual problem. I have 2 sites with one common AD, there are 2 openfire servers in each of them. I want to connect users from site1 to server1 and users from site2 to server2. So, servers have to use common settings and connect users from other sites. I may use one server for both of them (it’s not a problem) but if i loose connection between sites users from one of them will lost service at all. I want to save it at least to this site.

So, what should i do? (now users from different servers don’t see each other online, contact-lists they get from AD groups)

Thank you.

Unfortunately there is no bullet proof server config for 2 remote sites using a single server. There is also no way to use 2 separate servers and share the rosters.

The only possible solution is to use the kraken plugin and have each person enter their XMPP account for the other server into their spark XMPP gateway. This will log them into both servers at the same time. messy but it may work.

Oh, thanks for advise, i gotta check this out!