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How to connect 3 LDAP to openfire 3.7.1?

Hi Support,

I have installed Openfire 3.7.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS it works fine currently it only connects to single LDAP, our company is mixed inviroment and having 3 domain controllers, these 3 domain controllers is configured for cross forest trust. Just to ask the group if anyone had successfully connect 3 LDAP on one openfire server? Please shed some lights. Thanks in advance!



Anybody have gone to this set-up? Please help

3 dc on the same domain, or are you running 3 different domains with trust setup between them?

3 different domains with trust setup. ex abc.local , def.internal, ghi.local something like this. Thanks for the reply

hope this helps


http://blog.johngauthier.com/2011/03/26/openfire-3-7-0-authenticating-with-an-ac tive-directory-global-catalog-server/


I am working with Albert on this. My enivronment have a mix of Win2k3 and Win2k8 R2 schema but mainly is operating in Windows 2003 forest and domain functional level.

I installed AD LDS for Windows 7 on my notebook and am trying to test if I can combine multiple AD LDAP realm on the AD LDS instance on my notebook.

I tried to follow the documentation found on “http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1534” title “How to combine Multiple Active Directory LDAP realms for use with Openfire”. In the document, I am stuck on the “Extend your ADAM schema to match you AD schema” at item 7 onwards, which is to repeat step 1 to 6 in the document but with my ADAM server as target schema and AD as base schema.

  1. With the LDIF file (adam2.ldf) created, what do I do next? As step 7 did not mention what to do with the adam2.ldf file.

  2. Step 8, where does the MS-AdamSyncMetadata.ldf come from? I found a copy in C:\windows\ADAM, is this the one to use?

Also in the “Adding fields to userProxy”,

  1. Where to find the ADAM Schema MMC add-in? Is it using the ADSIEdit and then choose Schema as shown here:

  2. If the above is correct, then I proceed to next step which is to add attributes to the optional list as specified in the document. I scroll thru the list and locate userProxy and I cannot find the stated attributes to add or the “Edit” button is gray out. Can anyone provide a better document on how to do this?

The sample XLM configuration file, do we will need to change the part for each domain?

Hope someone can help.

Thanks & Regards.