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How to connect Openfire with websocket using java Smack Library

Hi Team, I am trying to connect Openfire with my java code using smack library.
Using Smack 4.3.4 version.

I checked some documentation of Smack to connect Openfire, but not found any where “Websocket connection”.

I wanted to know whether we can connect Openfire using websocket connection or it supports only BOSH Httpbind and TCP connection.

If Openfire support websocket connections then please tell me how can i connect it using Smack library (Or any other java library).

Smack only recently got support for WebSockets, so you’d have to use a nightly release (download) or build Smack yourself as the WebSocket support did not make it to a release yet.

Edit: Apparently the nightly builds are not accessible at the moment, so you’ll have to build Smack yourself.

Smack nightly builds are available via Ignite’s Archiva instance:


(Note to self: update Smack’s README and have https://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/nightly_smack.jsp redirect to the Archiva repository)

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