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How to connect Spark to our server

I am new to Spark and trying to get it set up at our office. Can anyone walk me through the steps of doing the Domain field? We do have a server all computers are connected to, but I don’t know how to make Spark “find” it. Thanks!

Spark needs a special server, not just any server computers are connected to. XMPP server is needed. E.g. Openfire or some other XMPP server. When setting up a server you will provide a domain name during a setup, which then should be used in Spark. To have it working correctly you have to work with DNS or other means of network names resolution. Do you have experience with DNS/networking? Otherwise it could be hard to implement everything correctly. You can read my guide here, but this is a task for network/system administrator http://www.wroot.lt/wp/technology/very-basic-openfire-spark-guide-en/