How to connect to irc?


I am using spark as jabber-client and a wildfire-server with gateway beta installed.

Now i need some help/instructions in connecting to irc.

Where can i find the server settings and were i have to do changes for the client settings?

best regards

There currently is no easy way to change the server. It is hard coded into the transport as Obviously this is not a long term solution. =) I assume that is not the server you want to connect to?


Thank you very much for your fast answer.

Certainly you are right.

We would like to connect to quakenet servers.

So it would be nice if it would be possible for admins to change the server.

best regards

GATE-64 in case you want to keep an eye on process =)

Thank you.

What does one type into the various username/pasword/nick fields?

Say for example I want to join the #symfony channel on freenode. What is the process?

On, you should probably set your username the same as your “nick” in IRC land. As for the password, whatever password you use assuming you have a registered account with … what is it… nickbot? something like that. nickserv I think that’'s it. Either way, your nick and username are basically the same in this case.

IRC is a weird beast so the distinction is more important on other networks… not that I support other networks yet. ;D