How to connect to Wildfire server using Python


I’'ve Wildfire accessible at http://localhost:9090/login.jsp. D-Bus and Telepathy-Python are installed. Can some one tell me how to connect/login to Wildfire using Python/Telepathy-python code?



wildfire’'s admin console is what runs on port 9090. the default port for the messaging server is 5222. to communicate with the server using python check out on


Thank you… that was very helpful in understanding how to interact with wildfire using python.

It doesn’'t seem to use D-Bus. I want to connect to Wildfire using Telepathy and D-Bus using Telepathy-Python api. Sorry, I think my question earlier was a bit ambiguous.

apologies, i didn’'t read clearly the first time either.

one question for you, are you writing a custom client or do you just want wildfire access from an existing D-Bus implementation?

looks like there is an XMPP connection manager called Gabble (found on if i’'m reading everything correctly you should be able to implement the XMPP connection manager and then have that as an available connection to any TelepathPython based client.