How to connect to Wildfire server using Telepathy-Python


I’'ve Wildfire installed and accessible at http://localhost:9090/login.jsp. D-Bus and Telepathy-Python are also installed. How to connect/login to Wildfire server using Telepathy-Python code?


Mohan Murali

Hrm. This isn’‘t really an IM Gateway support question. None-the-less, do you have a url for the telepathy-python home page? I couldn’‘t find it easily with Google. I’'m kind of interested in looking at it. =)

Here are the links for Telepathy and Telepathy-Python projects.

Could you please suggest me which will be the right section in this site to put my question?


Mohan Murali.

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Wow, what a complex looking interface!!!

I noticed this example:

Beyond that I’'m really not sure what to tell you without really diving into it. =/

Anyway, it might be worth dropping a note in the Wildfire Support forum itself. (ie, not the IM Gateway Plugin forum) It’‘s kind of a shame that telepathy-python doesn’‘t have it’'s own forum. =/

Sorry I don’'t really have much helpful to say!


I can’'t help myself but this wiki alone is not a good documentation. Can you connect to any other xmpp server and have only a problem with Wildfire?


That’‘s for sure. =D And I certainly don’‘t -mind- if y’'all want to discuss this here. I was simply saying he might have a broader audience for help in the other forum. =)

Thanks to you both…

I’‘ve n’'t tried with any other xmpp server.

Now I am trying based on the examples/ code that has come with Telepathy-Python. There are some issues with the connection manager(Telepathy-Gabble) and hopefully should work once they are resolved.