How to contribute / commit?


I’ve found public SVN, but no information about how can one join the community and contribute by creating a branch and commiting.

Is there some info regarding that?

Thanks, Ondra

You have already joined the community. But not everyone has access to SVN here. Jive decides whom to give full access. Also i dont think branching will be allowed here. So far you can propose your patches here and then Jive devs will review it and maybe submit. It’s not the ideal model of OSS community here. Jive is still holding their rights to control developing process :slight_smile:

Thank you for the answer.

Does “here” mean “here in Contributors group”?

Yes, as this group was created to gather all contributors, Jive developers and proposed patches in one place.

BTW, there’s definitely not a policy in place that only Jive developers have SVN commit access (several others do in fact). The only policy is that SVN access is only granted after proving your work is high quality.



I so want to add a rant here but will refrain. I will just say… New Spark Build When? Fixed plugins when? When?