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How to creat a chatroom that can be used by all 0f the online user?


i want to ask a question,how to creat a chat room that can be used by all of the online users.

creat by admin user,or any online can creat?and how to do?

my system is jive 201 with smarc 141.

thx very much.



You could use a client like Exodus to create group chat rooms. Just press F7, specify a room name and accept the default configuration. Any other user may be able to enter that room.

Let me know if you need more help.


– Gato

hey ,gato,

thx of yours help ,i tried.ok

i used exodus and miranda cliet,chat room is very running ok

but have another question :

one user is client ,ex:exodus and miranda.

other user is web client(develop myself use smack lib),

how can let web client and exodus chat in one chatroom.




You need to make both clients join the same room. That is, use Exodus to join a room as described in my previous post and then use the MultiUserChat class of Smack to join that room.

You can read the MultiUserChat document provided with Smack to learn how to use the MultiUserChat class. You can also take a look at the Smack tests to see a running MUC example.


– Gato


thank you of your help.

i will try .