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How to create a chat client

Hey everyone!

I am trying to create a chat client for my website and although I have downloaded openfire I am not sure how to proceed from here.

I would very much appreciate some guidance.



Hello Maria,

I’m afraid you might be biting off more than you want to chew on. Openfire is a XMPP (aka Chat) server aimed at real-time collaboration. Basically think of it like AIM or MSN Messanger, although Openfire is more focused on enterprise and office collaboration, etc.

There is a Fastpath plugin for Openfire and the client-side of things, Spark. However, this codebase (Fastpath) is not maintained anymore and is usually just used as a starting point for companies and individuals to build their own custom program out of. Obviously this requires programming knowledge.

As much as I love to see new users, I think I’m going to have to recommend you check into LiveZilla. You mentioned in another post you are using BlueHost as your hosting provider – they should already have everythign installed for LiveZilla to run – basically just upload it, do the setup wizard, and then it’s good to go


Hi Jason

Thank you so much for your answer. Just saved me a lot of time and grief! Much appreciated.