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How to create a openfire plugin project in Eclipse?

Openfire Plugin Developer Guide said:

“The Openfire build script will help you build and develop plugins. It looks for plugin development directories in the following format:”

Where is the Openfire build script?

I create a project in Eclipse and while i export the compiled files into a jar package, the plugin does’nt work. I check the directory structure and found .jar.pack files in downloaded plugins. How to create these .jar.pack files?

thanks for help!

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The build script that is mentioned is the ant build.xml that resides in the /build/ directory.

There are a couple of Eclipse/Openfire guides available in this community. Here’s one, for example: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1200

You probably can find more if you use the search box (top right corner of the website).

Good luck!