How to create a proper plugin build and one shot?

When i build a plugin, the jar file names inside lib directory of plugin ends with “.pack”. And i have to modify it manually to create a proper plugin build.

Steps which am following to create a proper plugin build :

  1. Create a plugin build using eclipse.
  • A plugin jar is created in this locaiton “/openfire/target/openfire/plugins/*.jar”

  • Inside the jar there is a ‘lib’ directory where all the jar files names ends with ‘*.jar.pack’.

  1. Run the openfire server.
  • Now a plugin directory is generated in this location “/openfire/target/openfire/plugins”

  • And in ‘lib’ directory the jar files will be created without “.pack” extension.

  1. Now am modifying my plugin jar by removing all the files from “lib” directory which has “.pack” extension and adding the proper jar file which got created after running the openfire.

Can we modify the build.xml file to generate proper plugin in one go?

I looked in my openfire target folder. And my plugin.jars have no *.jar.pack files.

I am using OpenFire 3.9.3 Source / 3.9.10-Beta Source , and the included ant build scipts. After using openfire ant build script, i start the plugins buildscript and get working plugin.jar files.

So the error must be somewhere else

Hi Arthur,

My Plugin jar’s doesn’t have “.pack” extension. Files inside the plugin jar has files with “.pack” extension.

I can seen in the build script in too many place “.pack” is mentioned. Not even the plugin which i have created all the other plugins with is there in Openfire also has files with “.pack” extension.

Can you please explain steps which you follow to create plugin build?

I am using IntelliJIDEA for Development.

I used github to download the sources

after this the project is loaded and running with Java 7. I only add the build.xml located in Openfire/build to my Ant Build in IntellijIDEA .

For building Openfire -> openfire in the Ant Build Scripts

For building all Plugins -> plugins in the Ant Build Scripts

To run Openfire on localhost -> run in the Ant Build Scripts

Open Openfire in Browser -> localhost:9090

I added Remote Debug on localhost:8000 for debbuging the code.

When creating a new Plugin, this must be added in Project Modules.

This are my 4 steps, that i am doing to develop and test plugins local.

Thanks Arthur. Let me verify in my codebase.

You are also able add the resources files in plugin build?

Am working on 3.9.3, I can see lots of changes between your build.xml and mine. Is the issue is there in 3.9.3 or am doing it wrong. Please help me to solve this.

Our Live System is running on 3.9.3.

And i also managed to import OpenFire 3.9.3 Sources Files form the zip file offered on the main page into Intellij as project(with some try and failers for configure the project).

But i used the same steps to develope the plugins.

I only took the 3.10 because all plugins are included with newest source files.


JUST for Testing i downloaded openfire 3.9.3 and try to import as project. And my created plugin jar files have this *.jar.pack ending now.

But i know that i mange to create clean jar files fith the 3.9.3. source files.

So the problem is, how you import this project. But i dont remember the right steps for correct import of the project.


Found out that if your change the build.xml



will disbale the pack function. So that the plugins have clean jars inside.

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Thanks Arthur for the valuable information. Now able to create proper plugin at one go.