How to create a ratings page

Hi there,

Apologies if this is completely the wrong place to raise this query.

Currently using Spark 2.5.8 and Openfire 3.7.0

We’re currently trying to manipulate the chat end/transcript screen to instead show some sort of ratings scale such as radio buttons or stars so a user can respond to queries along the lines of “How did you rate your chat today” “What platform would you have used if Livechat wasn’t available”

Has anyone had any success with this or any ideas on how we could achieve this?

Thanks in advance for any response!



There is a few ways you might accomplish this but ultimately it comes down to what methods of integration your survey platform gives you.

Is there a javascript library of some sort or javascript accessible web service available to you? If so then you should be able to add the appropriate code/html to the transcriptmain.jsp file within the webchat.war component.

If you aren’t able to interact with the survey platform from the client browser you might need to implement something server side in java. Depending on how clean you want to implement it you could put all the code in transcriptmain.jsp (though it might become more difficult to maintain in the future if you do). Alternatively you could grab the source code (now available on github: igniterealtime/Fastpath-webchat · GitHub ) and add all the back-end hooks necessary there and again edit transcriptmain.jsp appropriately.

If you don’t have any way to integrate with the survey platform then your last course of action might be to just redirect the user away from the chat interface and to the survey page it’s self.

If you don’t have a survey platform you’re trying to integrate with and are just trying to get this data added to the chat metadata, I’m not sure that’s currently possible. The metadata is collected at the beginning of the chat before it goes to the queue.

Hope this helps answer your question, if there’s anything you would like expanded upon or you have further questions feel free to ask!