How to create a read-only, moderated, members-only, non-registrable room?

Hi all,

I have a requirement to create a room with the following functionality:

  • room is moderated

  • room is member-only

  • registration is disabled

  • all users, except the owner, have role “visitor” when joining.

Unfortunatley, I could not get this to work.

I did this:

Create a member-only, moderated room with registration disabled, and then manually add members to the room.

Now, when users join, the role automatically becomes Participant, while what we want is role Visitor.

From what I understand from the spec, users default to role=visitor if the room is moderated and affiliation=none. Unfortunately the spec also wants affiliation to be Member, to be able to join a member-only room, and that causes role to become Participant.

Aside of writing a plugin or admin bot the revokes voice on join, I can’t find a way to make this work.

Any ideas?



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Did you find an answer to your question? I need to do the same thing as you do.


There is no way to do this with a standard Openfire settings. As Matteo mentioned, specifications doesn’t allow such setup. So the only solution is to create some sort of a workaround (a bot in his example) revoking the voice upon joining the room.