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How to create Bulk User Account

Hi, I have just installed wildfire today and i am still learning/teaching myself how to use the program. Firslty this is a great program and i really appreciate you guys out day developed such a good program.

Anyway i am having trouble creating bulk users. I tried importing the files which i have edited from the .xml files, and it gives me the error saying that it does not match the systems.

Can anyone please help me out in creating bulk users. Do you have the format to do so. Please let me know.


Jeff Chia

the user import/export plugin might be useful.

Hi, yeah i did that, but when i export the file, and modified it using xcel, and import it back, i had the error. saying form not reconize etc… please used the form below. But i dont see no form on my screen…

Hi Jeff,

Using Excel to edit xml files probably isn’'t the best idea. I would recommend using a basic text editor like Notepad or one of the free XML editors you can download from the internet.

Hope that helps,



I wonder whether the import/export plugin could support CSV file format as well? (I have not yet checked the issue tracker)

I have found some example code CSV2XML on http://www.perfectxml.com/downloads/JAXP.PDF which I’'ve attached to this post.



Hi Michael,

Given enough time and money the import/export plugin could probably support punch cards.

Could you provide me with a use case where someone would use a csv file rather than an xml file?



PS - Thanks for the link and java source.

When you have 119,000 rows to import…

I had to scrap the attempt at importing with the plugin due to time constraints. I had my data in a CSV while editing, it would have proved very helpful.


Hi Ryan,

Use Case was: System Administrators exports all user accounts on a Unix server into a flat text file.

When I did it last time I set the password to a default password (users had to change it).

My choices of tools were limited to editor copy&paste, vi, awk, sed .

Thanks for looking into it.