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How to create Chat Transcripts

I see that Matt creates chat transcripts weekly in a pdf format,

how do you do that ?. Is there a way for me to choose the format ?

if you could point me to the api, it would be great.



Matt copies the chat log which is displayed in Spark to MS Word and then uses Acrobat Distiller 6.0 to create a PDF.

This is not (yet) a Spark or Wifi feature, there are some good java PDF classes available anyhow.


I have a standalone Wildfire server and a group chat application running on websphere

application server. After every chat session, I want to provide a link to my users showcasing today’'s chat transcript.

In order for me to do that, I was wondering if there were any API available for me to extract the chatsession information either from the database or the filesystem ( however you configure the logs to be). Once I extract the chat transcripts from this log then I can format it the way I want to.

Hope I made question clear here.


there is no API or plugin, that’‘s the sad thing. It’'s really not comfortable the way Matt creates the transcript. I was also looking for a way for the room admin or moderator to create (XML) chat transcripts and send them as email. This feature request did never find its way into the issue tracker, but maybe Gato (the main developer) will be pleased to hear such a request again.


Hey Guys,

A wildfire plugin should be able to handle it, this way the process could be automated.




would you care to explain a bit more about this plugin.


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Just curious, cause’’ it’'s along the same lines… what about a plugin that had an option to store a users total chat history? Storage is bloody cheap these days and I know I would love to have a centralized place to see my previous chats with friends and family…

Hi Travis,

do you refer to p2p and not to MUC? http://zeank.in-berlin.de/datasink/ offers a JEP-0136 (Message Archiving) perl implementation.


Hi Ravi,

Wildfire offers already the option to log MUC conversations, and there exists somewhere a Wifi Plugin Guide. So one could develop a new plugin to do this.