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How to create manual user in openfire

Hi guys,

I’m new in using openfire and I have little problem, everything is okay until I stuck when setup new admin. I use digitalocean server for my server and then connecting with JDBC Driver MySQL, in that time openfire doesn’t create default admin user, so I need to create manually. Then I try create it manually by using MySQL Workbench, I have user account now, but the problem is openfire asking for the role. Which role I should to fill in the database?


Or if you have any suggestion for me to create new user account manually, it will so help

Maybe instead of trying to modify the database directly you can try making it install correctly. What OS are you installing Openfire on?

I’m using ubuntu 14.04 in digital ocean, I don’t know is possible or not if we just copy and paste username database and password when first time choosing database for openfire, when I try to typing username and password manually it create new admin user automatically.