How to create rooms?

I can’'t seem to figure out if possible how to create rooms…

Anyone have a short code example? or even know if it is possible?


Yes, you can create a chat room if your server permits you do to it.

The procedure is simple and is already in the example:

-Enter a chatroom

-If no error, and if the room wasn’'t existing, -> ROOM CREATED

-If no error and if the room already exists, -> ROOM JOINED

To create a room, just join it!

An easy way to get started is to set up a room on the server, provided you have admin acess: You can easily set up a room, add members and set permissions. The example that comes with the XIFF API gives the actionscript for logging into the room and using it.

oh my @#$@#$, so simple.

i didn’‘t realize this… i only knew how to make rooms through the admin interface… so i was making a perl/php script to connect to the admin interface, login, and submit the form to create a room. (i could do this in java, but i don’'t like java right now :P)

thanks again~