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How to Customize My OWN Client

I really like some of the clients available to run on Jive and other Jabber servers… BUT I want to have my own messenger for my server… I want one that I can make custom skins for… Are there any tools or commercial products which I can use to make my own client???

Hi Joshua,

There’'s a very extensive list of clients url=http://www.jabber.org/software/clients.shtmlhere[/url]. Of those, I know Trillian and Pandion are both skinnable, and there are probably others.

Hope that helps,


I know there are some premade clients that I can use for my site, but I want to Brand it for my site… I don’'t want my user to have to install (for instance) trillian and then have to configure it to use myPraize by inputting my Messaging server and information…

If this is possible with trillian then perhaps I missed it somewhere on their website… I do like trillian and if I could use it as a branded solution and integrate well I would love to use it

Hi Joshua,

Did you look at Pandion? I believe it’'s UI can be skinned using html and css prior to install.


dependiing on the resources you have, you can use the Smack API (by jive software) to build your own client. We did just that at my company. Put in all the features you want and only the features you want, and have it look any way you like.

I have downloaded Smack Dev and I will play around with it, also Pandion looks great… But there any solution which is like this one, BUT, also can along into say AIM and Yahoo and ICQ at the same time… Perhaps not ALL of those same ones but you know what I mean…?? If not, how can it be incorporated into one of these messengers? PLugins? Custom Coding?