How to customize the ciphers of the openfire admin gui (port 9091)

I am trying to customize the ciphers of the openfire admin console gui (port 9091). Can you please advise on this?

This might be possible by providing a comma-separated list of cipher suite names in the property admin.web.ssl.ciphersuites - but I must admit that I have never tried this.

Another approach would be to configure the Java runtime environment to only contain the cipher suites that you can accept (although this would affect more than just the admin console).

Hello guus and thank you for the reply!

Unfortunately, there is no admin.web.ssl.ciphersuites property available on my system properties.
I am using openfire 4.6.7.

The property does not show if it has not been created, but you can create it nonetheless.

I have added the property, restarted server but no result :frowning:

Then you might need to tweak the security configuration itself. The document that I linked to earlier is a good starting point for that.