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How to delete archived dialog on spark?

Dear All,

We are using Openfire and Spark IM. Whenver logging on to Spark, can see archived dailog on Spark window.

Actually we don’t need to store any dialogs on Operfire and Spark client. Have already removed all messages from ‘ofmessagearchive’ table, however on Spark still dialogs looks like being stored somewhere.

Could anyone please let me know how I can remove all archived dialogs on Spark ?

Thank you very much in advance.


the transcripts are saved in your profile folder:

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\walter.ebeling\Anwendungsdaten\Spark\user\walter.ebeling@myjabber.com\transcripts

Your path may be different due to the OS language.


P.S. by the way, the archied dialog is saved on both PC of the chat partners. Group Chat for official conference rooms may be stored on the server (depends on settings, default is off). Person to person chat may be saved on the server with additional plugins (depends on server setup).

Walter Ebeling wrote:


the transcripts are saved in your profile folder

And this can be disabled in the Spark preferences (or user can enable it again, unless you somehow lock the spark.properties file from editing/saving).

Thank you so much.

I could find the xml files that stored whole messages.

By the way, is it possible to store no message on client PC by any Openfire setting or any Spark setting ?

If so, please let me know how to do it … Thank you in advance.