How to delete the images that clients have uploaded as they're avatar?

Hey guys, i’m having a little bit of trouble because my clients have uploaded avatars, they shoudn’t be able to do that, but they did, how can I lock them to not send more images and delete the ones that are already in use?

Is there any way of doing that?

Thanks guys

Anyone, any ideias…?
Already tried to delete de vcarc cache and nothing seems to work…

I think this is stored in the database, but i’m not sure in which table. Probably ofVcard. Image should be converted into bytestream (text code) and stored in there. So, you will have to delete this somehow in the database or go to your users and clear avatars. Then you can try installing Client Control plugin and disable vCard editing.

Already got client Control Plugin installed, but just disable the vcard after seeing somo avatars changed.
Already tried to clean vCard cache, but it doens’t seems that the avatars are there,hehe
Gonna search in database the vcard table to delete it, gonna try and them I post here again, thnx again wroot!

I’ve already got Client Control installed and selected to disable to change avatars, but it doesn’t seems to work, tried to change avatar successfully when it shoudn’t be able to

Well, it looks like even when you disable avatar changes it is still possible to change them when you click on an already set avatar. So you should first remove avatars on user end and then disable avatar changes via Client Control.