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How to develop a custom Jabber compliant call notification application?

I’'m a new to Jabber so please forgive me if my question thereafter is odd for long time Jabber users.

I would like to develop an Asterisk and Wildfire based, CRM-like, custom phone call notification-dispatching application.

Its goal is to notify several users with incoming caller’'s id and let one of them accept the call using a dedicated software.

I foresee 2 options :

Option 1: We develop a client-server software using AGI or system application. The downside is that we would then have to define and maintain ourselves configuration files.

Option 2: We deploy Wildfire and use some XMPP extensions.

After reading Jabber standards and extensions, it seems that Data Forms could be a simple way to build such a custom application.

Has anyone tried to develop a custom application using XMPP Data Forms (JEP-0004 and JEP-0141) ? Something resembling YAC (http://sunflowerhead.com/software/yac/) but with a couple of custom fields ?