How to develop a spark plugin

I’m trying to develop a plugin for Spark using the Sparkplug documentation and tools, but still, I can’t get it to work. The plugin should add an option to the JMenuBar to display a window, but I can’t get Spark to recognize it. If there’s any guide or recent structure to figure out where I’ve made a mistake, I would appreciate it.

I’m sorry, but that documentation has not been maintained for over a decade, I think. Your best bet might be to look at the implementation of plugins that are part of the source code of the Spark project.

In that case, would you recommend me trying to develop it directly in the Spark code? If so, do you have any advice for trying to do it this way?

I’ve honestly never tried to develop a Spark plugin outside of the Spark code. From a software maintenance perspective, it would make sense to create a separate project for the plugin. I’m not saying that this is not possible - I’ve simply not tried that myself.

I’ve been trying, but it still doesn’t recognize the plugin when I place it in the client’s plugin folder. Do you have any guide, or could you explain the process for developing the plugin from the Spark code?

If you have a moment to spare to help me, I’ll leave you a Drive link with the plugin folder. I simplified the code quite a bit trying to find the problem to the point of just displaying a window and adding a menu to the main window’s menu bar. Anyway, thank you for the help.

Just a small note, I recommend using a Version Control System such as git and pushing the code to a platform such as Github.

It is a much better way to share code, downloading code off google drive is not ideal.