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How to disable “Auto Login” in Openfire Client Control plugin

Starting to deploy and test Spark… and found there is apparently a work-around to disabling ‘save password & autologin’ in the Openfire Client Control plugin. Once the ‘save password & autologin’ options are hidden from the login menu, users can still access them by going through the ‘preferences’ menu. I can disable the ‘preferences’ menu through the Openfire Client Control plugin, but that also locks users out of a LOT of other settings (like spell check).

For now I’m disabling users’ access to the preferences menu. Is there a chance the Openfire Client Control plugin could disable ‘save password & autologin’ in both places without having to disable all of the preferences at the same time?

I do have a very good reason for wanting to disable ‘save password & autologin’ (at least autologin).
The short version is; I want to make my job easier. The long version is; my users are authenticating through Active Directory and my organization has a 30 day password change policy. IF users save their passwords AND use autologin (in Spark) they WILL be coming to me when their IM stops working because their AD password no longer matches the one saved by Spark. I want to stop that train before it ever leaves the station!

Is there a way in the Openfire Client Control plugin to prevent users from setting Spark to autologin - something that they cannot easily circumvent?

I may have to resort to a cron that looks at the user’s spark.properties, kills Spark if it’s running (and autoLoginEnabled=true), and changes autoLoginEnabled to false. Problem is I would have to implement something similar for the Windows clients…