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How to disable Broadcast plugin?

I’m using Opefire and Spark. I’ve tried setting the configuration settings (Broadcast Plugin Readme) but they do not work. Users are still able to send broacast to everyone.



Spark 2.5.7

Broadcast plugin 1.6.0

plugin.broadcast.groupMembersAllowed = false

OK, I understand that these settings are for OpenFire and if I want to block client broadcast I have to get the Enterprise version. Is there a way to modify Spark so that the Broadcast is disabled?

Hi Sammy,

as Spark is open source you could download the code and comment the code which allows to send messages to multiple users. But this will likely make your users more busy when they send the same message as a single one to every user on their roster, and they will do this.

So you should prohibit to send the same message to more than one user and audit the chat usage using one of the central chat log plugins or the auditor of Openfire.


This capability (DISABLE_BROADCAST_MENU_ITEM) will be available in Spark version 2.8.2