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How to disable invisible logins


I am using wildfire 3.2.2 on Linux. My trouble is that I need to disable logins by invisible attribute.

Can somebody help me about it?

thanks in advance

What do you mean by invisible? What client are you using? As i dont know of a jabber client with invisible status. Maybe you are talking about anonymous login? Then Server > Registration & Login (in Administration Console)

We use Exodus client. When somebody signs in with the invisible field (radio button) checked, other clients do not see him in their online member list in the room, although as an administrator I could see such clients in the administration screen as online (client sessions). In other words, a client in a room should see all other clients in the room’s participant list.

thanks in advance


Oh, i have forgotten about that checkbox, and even havent tried it. But know we tested this with a coworker and it doesnt work for us. I mean we cant get invisible. Neither in roster, nor in chat room. Our roster is made with shared groups, maybe that’s the cause. Anyway, that’s more a client side issue. Or maybe one can create a plugin catching and removing invisible packets or like that.

Thank you very much for your comments.