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How to disable the add contact feature in spark?

Hello. I would like to disable the “add contact” feature in spark so that only admins can add contacts to roster/groups. Is there a way to do this?

Thanks for the great product!


Or is there a way to remove the “Contacts” menu from the spark gui?

Sorry I am not a programmer at all, so I am lost when it comes to Java

Hi David,

There’s no real built-in way with Spark to disable the add contact feature. You could disable it through a sparkplug or if you’re running Openfire you could install the subscription plugin to block all subscription requests.

Hope that helps,


I had a little bit of time, so I create a patch for the current version of spark to disable the add contact feature.


DISABLE_ADD_CONTACT.patch (5937 Bytes)

Thanks a lot for helping me out with this, and sorry if my question is elementary.

How do I apply the patch you created?

Thank you for your time. I really appreciate it

So, I have apply the patch to the latest svn source and added the spark.jar to this document.

Now, you must replace only the spark.jar

If you want to apply the patch, you can use eclipse.

For Eclipse patching:

First time read this document:

For applying a patch in eclipse:

  1. Right-click to the project

  2. Team -> Apply Patch

  3. Choose the patch
    spark.jar (3198604 Bytes)

Thank you for the help. This is just what I needed. Your work is greatly appreciated!

Great patch!!

My java progaming is…well…nonexistant. But it would be awesome if someone developed a patch that disabled the “disable chat history” feature. This could prevent users from turning off and deleting chat history from the openfire server.