How to disble Auto upgrade in Spark

Hello Frinds

I customise my Spark with companies logo & name and it is working fine.

but one prob i face in Spark 2.5.0 /spark 2.6.0 Beta1/Beta2, when user is login in spark one popup will show

spark_2.6.0_beta2.exe is now availale, Would you like to install ?

if we select yes then in will install it even my current version ( installed ) is also same still this popup will come after every 25-30 minutes.

so how can i disable this popup. we dont want to upgrade this…

Thanks in advance



You need the client control plugin installed on the server. Then place a version of spark that is older than the one you have deployed on the server. The client will no longer prompt for upgrades.

There is also a checkbox in Preferences > Notifications - “Check for Updates”.