How to display the time and date in the chat room

I am using the Windows version of server and client and wondering how to display the Date and time Heading in the Chat Room so I can separate chats and they don’t look like all one day.


I’m assuming you are talking about Spark. I think it already does that both in group chat and regular chat. But it doesn’t show the current date until you close the window. There is a ticket for that and a proposed patch. But this patch created other issues, so had to be removed.
Nobody is actively working on Spark currently, so there is nobody to fix this.

Yes Spark. I have Openfire Server 4.2.1 installed and Spark version 2.8.3. So this is not an option?


If you want current date to appear right away, then no. There is no option and it has to be fixed/programmed in the code and new version of Spark then must be released.