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How to distribute Openfire plugin


I have finished developed the plugin fro openfire.

So, How i distribute the plugin to other?

It’s just copy project’s work/plugin/[plugin_name].jar to other? or other dictionaray?

Thanks very much!

I find the work/plugin/xxx.jar is can used.

But i don’t known is a right way distribute the plugin. just copy the work/plugins/xxx.jar ?


The generated .jar file should be all that’s necessary. I am not sure what you are referencing by “distribute”? Typically, people make their .jar file available for download from a website and then a user can upload it to their openfire install via the management admin console.


Yes. I think you are right.

I just want send the plugin jar to other people. They can upload the jar file and install it in the admin consle.

I’m not sure send the work/plugins/xxx.jar or target/plugins/xxx file.

Maybe the work/plugins/xxx.jar is the correct way to send xxx plugin to other.