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How to do voice chat in Spark 2.5.2?

Hello Friends,

I am new with this kind of messenger.

I download spark 2.5.2 and login with my id.

I didn’'t find way to do voice chat in spark.

Can anybody guide me to do voice chat in spark 2.5.2?

I download spark 2.5.2 from http://www.igniterealtime.org/downloads/index.jsp

Thanks in advance

Can any one tell me that

Voice chat functionality is avaialble in spark 2.5.2 open source version?

Thankx in advance

Yes, voice chat using jingle is a part of the free Spark 2.5.0+ product.

To make it work, both sender and recipient need to be running Spark, and ideally (without getting too detailed) need to be on the same LAN with no NAT or firewalls.

Spark will attempt to detect whether the recipient is capable of voice chats, and you’'ll see a ‘‘dial’’ option in the menu when you right click someone in the roster.


Thanks DeeJay

its working now.