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How to edit and delete a sent message?

I am using Smackx 3.0.1 to develop chat client. I want edit and delete a sent message, but I don’t know whether Openfire server support these funcs? If it supported, How can I implement that? Can anyone has suggest to resovle my problem? Thanks.

No anyone help me? Pls support for me soon

You can’t edit or delete a message once it is already sent. You can keep a local copy to edit and send again, but it is simply a new message to the receiver.

Thank for your response. I will try using your bypass to resolve my problem.


I want delete a sent message.

Please help me…?

Hello hoangnv, can you solve this issue or not if yes then how…?

Support for XEP-0308: Last Message Correction is what you need server and client side - but it’s not supported in Smack (see Smack-714). Deleting or retracting a sent message is not possible.

While SMACK-714 is still open, there are already low level parts for “Last Message Corection” in Smack. The issue remains open because, as also explained in this issue comment, I’d like to see a high level API at one point in the future.

Please also note that XEP-0308 is a client-only XEP, there is no support by the server required.

Thx for quick reply.

So it’s possible from server side means openfire is delete message after send to user.

Openfire provide any api for delete message from user chat screen.

Possible? Sure. But then the user would still have received the message.

I don’t think so, and even if it did, it would require cooperation from the client.

Message deletion/retraction in a federated environment is not reliable. It only is if you have control over every involved software component.