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How to edit index.html file for Candy chat plugin


I recently uploaded the candy chat plugin files to Openfire(3.9.1) i.e. jitsi-videobridge.jar, websockets.war and candy.war. The connection seems to be working fine since I don’t get any errors, but it gives me a blank screen. That’s because I haven’t edited the index.html file to enable autojoin to a room. But I’m stuck as to how I can edit the file. When I connect to the VPS through an FTP client(Filezilla), I have the folder in which I installed Openfire at etc/openfire.

This folder has three .xml files but I can’t get to the /candy/app/example/index.html directory which is served from port 7443. I just need to know where the index.html file is so I can edit it. I’m running a Debian Wheezy instance.