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How to enable byte range request for any uploaded file on Openfire server

Hi We are using Openfire 4.5.1

We are trying to generate thumbnail image of any uploaded video/file in Openfire xmpp server from our iOS client app. The code that we are using to generate thumbnail image it requests byte range of the selected url. But byte range request is not enabled in Openfire server for any file. How can I enable byte range request in openfire server.

I am assuming that you’re using the HTTP File Upload plugin for this. Such a feature is currently not supported. You can consider providing a pull request with this implementation against https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-httpFileUpload-plugin to add the functionality.

@guus Thank you for your reply. I have opened an issue in github.

For future reference, this was the issue created by @pias: https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-httpFileUpload-plugin/issues/18

Hello @guus

Do you have any idea when this feature will be added. We are totally blocked. We can not generate thumbnail neither can play video. In iOS byte range is strictly checked.

At this point, it’s waiting for a volunteer to be picked up. There’s no predicting when that might happen. Could be hours, could be months. I’m thinking that for most people, this feature does not add much value. As such, I don’t expect it to be fixed soon.

If you are blocked by this, I strongly suggest to either supply a pull request with the fix yourself, or to hire someone to build this solution for you. We have a directory of professional service providers available where you can find help. (full disclosure, I’m also listed there)