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How to enable creation of “temporary" rooms” only

Hi, we are evaluating Spark and Openfire for our intranet.

We noticed that when room creation is restricted (Openfire console >> Group chat >> Group Chat Settings >> Only specific users can create a chat room), Spark users can no longer create temporary rooms (Spark >> Actions >> Start a conference).

Is there a way to avoid creation of “Permanent Rooms” only, but allowing the creation of “temporary” rooms ?

When Openfire is set to “Anyone can create a chat room”, then Spark users can use the “Start a conference” option, but this also enables the button “Create or join room” in “Conferences >> Browse conferences rooms”. There, users could create new rooms and choose “Room is permanent” option.

In short, we’d like to enable “Spark >> Actions >> Start a conference” without allowing permanent rooms creation by everyone.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Here you go. You can vote, comment and watch it. Maybe developers will take a look at that.